Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd.

With more than 6 year experience in the Nepali financial sector as well as other commercial business, I along with my other members have attempted at providing the Nepali populous with the best financial services. It is an open truth that like other businesses sector is full of challenges. To top it all, the challenge of taking it to a greater height is even tougher than getting it started. In regards to the physical infrastructure is one of the best of its kind among other cooperatives in the capital city and even in the national arena. And we are striving hard to establish a new benchmark in the Nepali cooperative sector. I am optimistic about your active participation and cooperation in bringing glory to this cooperative.

In the coming year, our goal will be to strengthen the lobbying activities to develop conducive policy environment for the growth and development of the associate members of Bachan SACCOS. In addition, we are focusing our activities towards financial inclusion and program expansion programs. The activities have been performed for the promotion of savings and credit cooperatives to unreached areas for implementation of agri-finance and microfinance program to vulnerable and deprived members. We've also realized that it is essential to play a vital role in helping accelerating improvement of quality.

We are guided with our  strategic plan and  guidance  and our vision is “Community Based Sustainable SACCOS”. To reach out the pinnacle, lots of  efforts  must  be  united  for  movement  institutionalization, professionalization and create disciplined environment for the sustainable growth of SACCOS.

And I firmly believe that proper coordination and mutual cooperation between we – the shareholder  members, managing director, mangers, staffs –and other administrative staffs will enable us in meeting our members  and Chief Advisor and First Chairman  Prof. Laxman M. Dhoj Joshi’s expectations.

Thank you.

Suraj K.C.

Bachan Saving and Credit Cooperative Society  Ltd.