Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd.

Bachan Saving and Credit C-operative was established with the following objectives:

- To enhance, disseminate and expand the knowledge that co-operative is a mutual co-operation for economic prosperity and to held high the social dignity and status of members.

- To make awareness about the economic literacy to all the associate members of Bachan Saving and Credit.

- To establish the cordial relationship with national and international agency to reduce poverty by mobilizing fund through cooperative sector.

- Emphasis on the creation of ideologies to approve the significance of self-dependence, mutual help, co-operation among members, becoming economical to enhance regular saving habit.

- To increase economic prosperity and establish developed society by channelizing individuals' small, idle and insignificant amount of money into income and skill-oriented jobs.

- To inspire its members to take part themselves in skill-oriented trainings, workshops, seminars etc. to grab job opportunities.

- To maintain cordial relation and good coordination with different governmental, on-governmental and with so many social organizations for accomplishing social welfare activities such as collecting fund and humanitarian cooperation to those who are being suffered from natural disasters or calamities.

- To follow principles, values and norms of co-operative and to run actively being self-disciplined, transparent and responsible institution.

- To inspire the members to be economical and to invest on Sushama Bachat  as a regular saving to safeguard their economic livelihood.

- To work all the time for the welfare of the members of the Bahan by giving and involving social and economic activities.