Bachan Saving and Credit Cooperative Society Limited (SACCOS) being as cooperative company in Nepal has a 6 years  history of providing financial services to poor and low income people. This financial institution was initially established with the motto of reducing poverty and high indebtedness among small -scale farmers and craftsmen in urban, semi urban and rural areas. It continues to serve this mission today often providing affordable and equitable access to micro-finance services. Bachan SACCOS is also known as one of the best cooperative company in Nepal in the field of saving and credit. The cooperative is initially constituted by the university students& teachers, doctors, farmers, entrepreneurs, private and government employees, engineers, lawyers, social workers, Non-government employees, business tycoons, retailer, wholesalers’ of different nature of products and many more. This cooperative has different entities so it has opportunity to invest in all places of Nepal even as the rules of law of cooperative norms and values of Nepal. The cooperative is running by the team and affiliated members of World Without Anger (WWA), Nepal.

Bachan SACCOS was established in 2010 A.D. under the co-operative Act 2048 B.S. in Nepal. It was registered in Division Sahakari Karyalaya, Kathmandu in 2066/067 B.S. and its registration no. is 2947/066/067. It had been performing its task from the head office Dillibazar for the welfare of public. Very reputed and well experienced people are operating this company. With due respect to the sprite of co-operative revolution of the government of Nepal, Bachan Bachan SACCOS has been operating with number of financial opportunities to its needy members & society as a whole ignoring cheap assurance of the market since 2066 B.S.

It was inevitable to institutionalize the policy into the new constitution. As a step of incorporating the three pillar economic policy in the new constitution, the same provisions have been made published by the constitutional assembly on July 7, 2015

In the contest of competitive market due to government’s liberal and free economic policy along with pace of technological enhancement, our entrepreneurs are facing no. of threats development on the belief of “Today’s investment is tomorrow’s return”. Co-operative plays a significance role in the economic, social, and cultural development of the country. It is the backbone of economic development of every country. So Bachan SACCOS has been providing strong financial support to those remote people who are keeping interested to raise their life style with their creativity. Bachan SACCOS is always there to serve you people.

Developing the members’ economic, social and cultural activities in the micro level in order to achieve macro level output of the members.  To promote overall economic betterment of members through self help and mutual aid in accordance with co-operative priniciples. To serve interest of members more than one state

Our Mission is to facilitate individuals to live prosperous and financially healthy life. Our friendly work culture enables Patrons to get efficient, superior and valued services.

To adopt as of Income- Saving = Expenditure

Bachan Saving and Credit C-operative was established with the following objectives:

  • To enhance, disseminate and expand the knowledge that co-operative is a mutual co-operation for economic prosperity and to held high the social dignity and status of members.
  • To make awareness about the economic literacy to all the associate members of Bachan Saving and Credit.
  • To establish the cordial relationship with national and international agency to reduce poverty by mobilizing fund through cooperative sector.
  • Emphasis on the creation of ideologies to approve the significance of self-dependence, mutual help, co-operation among members, becoming economical to enhance regular saving habit.
  • To increase economic prosperity and establish developed society by channelizing individuals’ small, idle and insignificant amount of money into income and skill-oriented jobs.
  • To inspire its members to take part themselves in skill-oriented trainings, workshops, seminars etc. to grab job opportunities.
  • To maintain cordial relation and good coordination with different governmental, on-governmental and with so many social organizations for accomplishing social welfare activities such as collecting fund and humanitarian cooperation to those who are being suffered from natural disasters or calamities.
  • To follow principles, values and norms of co-operative and to run actively being self-disciplined, transparent and responsible institution.
  • To inspire the members to be economical and to invest on Sushama Bachat as a regular saving to safeguard their economic livelihood.
  • To work all the time for the welfare of the members of the Bahan by giving and involving social and economic activities.

 Social Goals:
a)    On-going Cooperative Education
b)    Cooperation among Members
c)    Social Responsibility