All of us have a dream to be successful in our life by doing something which is very economical & profitable for that we need proper fund from a secure place by respecting these ideas we have been providing loans to our customers for a fixed period of time at a variable or fixed rate of interest with repayment calculated at the outset on the basis of monthly installments.

Types of Loans

  1. Hire Purchase Loan
  2. Sushama as Micro Credit
  3. House Loan
  4. Business Loan
  5. Education Loan
  6. Personal Loan
  7. Mortgage Loan
  8. Short Term Loan
  9. Agriculture Loan
  10. Loan Against Fixed Deposit
  11. Overdraft Loan(Conditional only)
  12. Loan against Period (FD)+2% (All Diminishing Rate of Interest)
  13. Microfinance Loan
  14. Youth Self Employment Loan


Loan Scheme with Interest Rate:

In this method the repayment is deduced every month from the loan and the interest is charged only on the balance principle.

We offer different types of loan to help you in your business and some other investment to realize your dream. The interest rates are highly competitive and we offer both types of short and long term loans as per your requirement. If the loaner pays their interest and installment in time, the office will waive One percent on their charged interest.  The rates of different types of loans are featured below:


Types of Loan Schemes Interest Rates
Sushama Saving and Credit Loan Scheme(Microfinance Loan






Loan against periodic( FD) +2.00 %
Hire Purchase 16.00%
Educational Loan 16.00 %
Short-term  Business Loan 16.00%
Industrial/Business Loan 16.00 %
Guarantee Loan 16.00 %
Liquidity 14.00 %
Agricultural Loan

(Business Scheme with legal Document)

16.00 %
Flat Interest  will be charged on at all Loan Schemes 16.00%