CEO Message

Dear respected members and society,

I am very happy to work with the Nepalese Co-operative Movement, which is one of the cornerstones of the microeconomics of the country. I personally assure you that my selfless work spirit and cooperative team are dedicated to providing all the members of Bachan SACCOS and society with exceptional services to grow its mission, vision, goals, and objectives to guarantee their equities, savings and deposits, reserves, and patronage funds. The cooperative was established to increase the number of members of high quality to contribute to the economies of specific areas as well as the national economy.

Bachan Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd. was created in 2008 by a peace activist group of Nepalese youths, senior citizens, employees, agriculturalists, and academicians. As peace activists, the members of World Without Anger-WWA (formerly the Society for Without Anger Nepal) manage the financial crisis and create jobs. Therefore, they created Bachan Saving and Credit Co-operative Limited to execute financial transactions and generate profits for members of both organizations and society to fulfill their basic needs and wants. Hence, Bachan SACCOS’s belief is that “safety savings and return with profit”.

As the CEO of Bachan SACCOS, I want to personally assure all the members of Bachan SACCOS that my entire team is fully dedicated to providing you with unique financial products and services. In human civilization, humans’ growth is dependent on wise knowledge of emotional well-being and financial literacy with limited resources. In society, peace and financial management are important for the progress and prosperity of society and its members.

Bachan Savings and Credit Co-operative Ltd. is an independent organization that provides profitable businesses that help the community and its members grow. Bachan SACCOS is established under the Co-operative Act, 2048, Legislation, 2049, and other directives of the Co-operative Department of the Government of Nepal. The Bachan SACCOS is the purely operating core concept of co-operatives’ seven principles, values, beliefs, and ethics.

I recognize that all members and society trust in us as the symbol of institutional success and continuing growth, and I take this full responsibility wholeheartedly. The end of the long-term goal is to assist members and society’s social, economic, and cultural needs according to their situation. I never compromise on anything whether it comes to quality, transparency, the emotional health of my workers and members, punctuality, customization, support, or digitization.

I look forward to serving with unconditional service, empathy, dedication, integrity, and excellence now and in the future! Good governance, self-regulation, and fair financial auditing are always part of the organization’s strategic plan, which ensures its success.

Last but not least, it is my honor and ample opportunity to work heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind among the members of this society.

Sincerely yours’,
Dess Mardan Basnet, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Bachan Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd.
Mobile:9841429361 (WhatsApp Number)

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